What to wear

We do not have a uniform at North Devon Academy. However, our approach is similar to that of the work place; students are expected to wear clothing including footwear, which is suitable for the activities they are doing, is comfortable, weather appropriate, does not reveal too much, and is presentable.

At times students may be engaged in outdoor learning. On these occasions their clothing needs to protect them from the weather, be it cold, wet, or bright sunshine. When they have sport on their timetable they need to wear clothing which allows them to move freely, and wear no jewellery, belts etc for the duration of the activity. On their vocational courses they need to wear the ‘uniform’ of the course, be it black trousers and a white shirt or overalls and metal toe-capped boots. Similarly they need to present themselves in appropriate clothing for their work experience; dressing in the professional wear expected in each environment.

We are mindful of the risk of injury from large hoop ear rings and other body piercings, and therefore we ask our students to take care in what they choose to wear, and reserve the right to ask students to remove jewellery if it is deemed unsafe.

Students are able to wear make-up should they so choose.

Students are able to express their identity through their choice of clothing, hair colour and style as long as what they do is appropriate for the activities they are engaged in and does not cause offence. Where students wear t-shirts with inappropriate logos and statements on them we will request this is not worn again. Similarly if their clothing is too revealing or attracts inappropriate attention we will discuss this with the student, requiring them to either go home to get changed or ask parents to bring in a change of clothes and ask the student to dress more appropriately in future.

At SchoolsCompany North Devon Academy our dress code applies to our staff too. We expect staff to dress in a professional way which is suitable for the activities they will be engaged in that day. In this way we can model appropriate dress codes to our students.

Key Points

  • No drugs, sexual images or racism to be branded on clothing (including luggage), this includes images and wording.
  • Skirts, dresses and shorts are to be ‘JUST’ above the knee at its shortest point.
  • Pieces of upper body clothing are to be covering the chest area and not showing any part of the
    cleavage/lower chest area.