Home school agreement

SchoolsCompany North Devon Academy will:

  • provide a caring, supportive learning environment where young people feel safe and welcome
  • carry out a detailed assessment of each young person’s needs
  • provide a curriculum suited to the individual needs of each young person
  • deliver high quality teaching
  • support each young person in successfully returning to school or moving on to college, training or employment
  • communicate regularly with parents/carers

Parents/carers agree to:

  • ensure that their child attends regularly and punctually and let SchoolsCompany North Devon Academy know the reason for any absence on the day
  • keep in contact with SchoolsCompany North Devon Academy and work with us to
  • achieve a successful return to school, or progression to college, training or employment
  • attend review meetings at least every term and support their child’s education
  • encourage their child to behave appropriately, co-operate and respect others
  • allow their child to participate fully in the curriculum

The young person agrees to:

  • attend regularly and punctually
  • treat all others with respect and consideration
  • take care of our building, outdoor areas, facilities and equipment
  • co-operate and follow instructions
  • aim to achieve personal targets
  • work towards a successful move to school, college, training or employment