Local Governing Body

The Local Governing Body is made up of volunteers who have an interest in and a passion for school governance. This group includes a staff Governor, a parent Governor, a Director of SchoolsCompany and the Principal of the Academy. The Local Governing Body meets 4 times an Academic year and focused on the quality of the Education being offered to the young people at the Academy and holding the Principal to account for this.

    Please see the document below which is a register of attendance for the LGB meetings.
Name Date ofAppointment End date Category Appointing Body Interests Register Attendance 2016-17
Sarah Acland 1.1.16 ex officio Exec Princ Trust (ex officio) none 4/4
Ray Lawrence 1.1.16 1.1.20 Trust Trust none 3/4
Becky Coombs 12.5.17 12.5.21 Staff Staff none 1/1
Justin Davey 1.4.16 ex officio STH STH (ex officio) none 4/4
Ian Mckelvie 1.9.16 Stepped down 30.09.17 Community Trust none 0/1
Fiona Pearce (Acting Chair, safeguarding) 1.9.16 1.9.20 Community trust none 3/4
Paul Hopkins 1.3.15 stepped down 15.3.17 Staff Staff none 02-Mar
Conrad King 1.9.16 stepped down 15.3.17 Community Trust Babcock Ed. Psychologist 3/3
Vacancy Parent