About Us

At North Devon Academy we believe that it is our purpose to create an environment where everyone is able to grow and develop, as they become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.  We are committed to developing the range of skills knowledge, attitudes and understanding of all members of our community to achieve this and we believe that we need to do whatever it takes to make a difference to our young people. The success of the North Devon Academy is built upon respect, trust, co-operation, participation, consultation, collaboration, and teamwork.

We are a Multi Academy community built on positive relationships that works with others to meet the needs of all young people. We will support students to create a personalised learning plan with a Programmes of Study so that their education is right for them. We want to enable all young people in Devon to achieve the best they can and become valued members of their communities. We will deliver a personalised, age appropriate, integrated curriculum, which will secure a core entitlement of education and wider activities. The Multi Academy Trust’s aim is to secure high quality outcomes for young people through best practice in teaching and learning and effective leadership and management, it states that this will be done through assessment, creating personalised learning programmes, integrated working with partners and by supporting young people to be part of their community and promoting reintegration, training and employment.